Winter Heating Safety: Dealing with a Hoarding Cleanup in Aurora, IL

Hoarding is a situation that many people face on a regular basis. If you have found that a family member is suffering from hoarding behavior, it is time to take action. During the winter months, the hoarder’s home can become an unsafe place. Many hoarders will use portable heaters for additional warmth during the winter, which can easily lead to a house fire. Portable heaters can catch fire due to being too close to flammable items such as paper or clothing. Because a hoarding situation is in a home filled with stuff, the house can easily catch fire and cause danger for those inside. By working with our professional hoarding cleanup team in Aurora, IL, you have experts by your side who can assist your family member in a way to help break the cycle and work on any mental health issues associated with hoarding.

Recognizing Hoarding Behavior

Hoarders must want help in order to change. For most people, hoarding is based on a tragic event or a turning point in their life. Hoarding items can help individuals feel a sense of control, and they do not want to give up anything as it feels like they are giving up control. Hoarders need to be able to recognize that they need help and seek professional assistance for the hoarding cleaning as well as recognizing why they are filling their Aurora, IL, home with stuff.

Talk to your loved one about his or her hoarding behavior and explain that you have safety concerns. If you have found that your loved one uses portable heaters or other unsafe methods for winter warmth, show your apprehension. Help these individuals to see the benefit of professional assistance so their home can get back on track and be a safe place to stay.

The Hoarding Cleanup Process

Hoarding cleanup is a process. Hoarding individuals need to feel in control the entire time and able to make decisions when it comes to giving up items. Our Aurora, IL, team provides the services needed to see your loved ones clean their home and get help for their hoarding behavior. With physical and mental work, hoarders will be ready to face their situation and get their home neat, tidy, and livable once again.

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