Water Damage Cleanup Need not be Stressful This Spring with Water Damage Restoration Services in Aurora, IL

Heavy rains and ice dams can cause flooding, leaving you with a mess, then cleanup, and sometimes devastation. Flood damage requires water damage cleanup in order to get your home or business back in order. ServiceMaster DSI in Aurora, IL, is here to help 24/7/365.


Water damage can be devastating, stressful, and a real mess. There are different types of flooding: obvious flooding with standing water or hidden flooding with moisture in the walls, which have the potential to cause mold growth. Follow these few simple steps when you are in the midst of water damage from a flood:


  1. Practice safety. When you realize that your home or property is flooded, think safety first. Do not use appliances or other electrical equipment when standing in water or on wet carpets or on floors.
  2. Prevent additional damage. If you have determined or detected where the leak or flood is occurring, do what you can to stop it, if possible. Cover the open area if the water is coming through a broken window or roof.
  3. Document the damage. Take photos and document the damage for your insurance company and for cleanup purposes. When possible, contact your insurance agent for an inspection and to complete a claim report.
  4. Hire a professional cleaning service. As soon as you have reported your claim to your insurance company, ease the burden and contact a professional cleaning service for water damage cleanup and restoration services.
  5. Protect your belongings. Although devastating, it may be important for you to protect any belongings that are salvageable. But be certain before entering the home or property, it is safe to do so and that all electricity is turned off to avoid electrical shock.


With the potential of spring flooding in the Aurora, IL, take some time to prepare accordingly and remember that there are different types of flooding—obvious flooding with standing water or hidden flooding with moisture in walls and the potential to cause mold growth. Both types of flooding can be problematic and require professional water damage cleaning and restoration services. If you have experienced flooding or water damage in your home or property in the Aurora, IL, area, contact ServiceMaster DSI for water damage cleanup and restoration. Our trained and knowledgeable staff stands ready 24/7/365, and we are just a phone call away. Contact us today at (773) 770-4512 for immediate assistance!

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