When Smoke and Soot Cause Carpet Damage in Naperville, IL

Dealing with residual smoke and soot after a fire in your Naperville, IL, home can feel like the worst scavenger hunt of all time. You’ll likely be finding sooty spots all around for ages after the fire has been doused.  And if the fire was especially large, a massive amount of professional cleaning is a definite necessity. But when you add carpet into the mix, it can feel like the already monumental work load just doubled. However, carpet damage after a fire doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your favorite rugs. The carpet cleaning professionals here at ServiceMaster DSI offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services to help combat whatever mess the fire left behind.


Smoke is a substance that is very good at two things: getting into tight spaces and then sticking around where it’s not wanted. This is a nightmare combination when you introduce a fibrous surface like carpet into the equation. Despite the fact that heat rises, soot and smoke can still leave residue on floors and low surfaces. And even if no actual flames touched your carpet, carpet damage could still occur during a fire.


A tiny amount of ash on a carpet may not seem like the end of the world if you have a powerful vacuum, but soot, smoke, and ash are not created equal. The chemical makeup of smoke and soot means that these substances can be oily as well as ashy. Any amount of pressure, say such as a vacuum running over them, can press these oily particles deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Not only does this make a mess, but it can also cause lasting carpet damage and staining.


Carpet cleaning after a fire is a multi-step and delicate process. Throwing all the chemical cleaners in the world at the rugs may get rid of soot and smoke residue, but it can also cause damage and discoloration. Instead, rely on professional carpet cleaners who can circumvent these risks while simultaneously taking a major job off your plate.


If your Naperville, IL, home has been impacted by a fire and you’re dealing with post-fire carpet damage, contact the professional carpet cleaning team here with ServiceMaster DSI. Call us at (773) 770-4512 or fill out a service request form for more information!


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