Signs that Professional Hoarding Cleanup May Be Necessary in Naperville, IL

When most people picture home hoarding, they likely see an image of a house packed so full of belongings that you can hardly move. While this is an accurate portrayal of some late-stage hoarding tendencies, not all Naperville, IL, hoarding homes look exactly the same. And perhaps more important, extreme home hoarding doesn’t happen overnight. The hoarding cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI know that home hoarding is typically a gradual process that slowly becomes overwhelming. We understand that intervening and providing hoarding cleanup services before the environment becomes a health hazard is always a good option, and we’re here to help.


Home hoarding manifests in a variety of ways. Sometimes you accumulate certain objects; other times, you let general clutter ultimately overtake the house. In some cases, home hoarding behavior revolves around animals or pets in particular. Severe or overwhelming attachment to personal belongings could be a sign of early hoarding behavior. Items may be stashed in odd places to prevent them from being discarded, or the individual may feel shame or embarrassment by the number of belongings they’ve accumulated. These behaviors can depict an unhealthy management of home clutter. Even if you don’t feel as though you’ve accumulated a large amount of clutter, when you find your thoughts constantly revolving around the items you own or you have emotional difficulty removing them, you may want to consider hoarding cleanup.


Catching signs of home hoarding early on can help prevent long-term health concerns for pets, homeowners, or any other residents of the impacted area. If you’ve noticed that you or a loved one are struggling with hoarding tendencies or rapid accumulation of possessions, consider hoarding cleanup services to preserve your health and the condition of your home. Home hoarding can sneak up on you, and once it gets to a certain point, it becomes more and more difficult to make headway on addressing the situation. Asking for hoarding cleanup help is vital to beginning your recovery.


We understand that asking for help is difficult no matter why you need it, and in this regard, asking for help with hoarding cleanup is no different. If you know someone being impacted by home hoarding, help them advocate for or request help to make the process easier. If you’re considering home hoarding assistance for your living situation, you should know that ServiceMaster DSI offers comprehensive, compassionate hoarding cleanup services.


Residents of Naperville, IL, struggling with home hoarding tendencies can contact the hoarding cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for information on how to get the cleanup process underway. If you’re seeking hoarding assistance, call (773) 282-1110 or visit our website here for additional details today and start to declutter your life today.

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