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Dry Cleaning Clothing Restoration in Chicago

Saving Your Clothing & Textiles After a Disaster

Disasters such as floods and fires can ruin more than just the structure of your home; fire and water damage can also ruin your clothing, upholstery, and other fabric-covered surfaces in your home. This can lead to the loss of expensive items and those with significant sentimental value. However, help is available from the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. We believe in complete restoration services, which is why we offer laundry and dry cleaning services for Chicago homeowners following a disaster.

We employ experts who will professionally launder and dry clean your clothes, linens, and other upholstered items. Through restorative dry cleaning and laundering, you can potentially save money when compared to the total cost of replacement.

As members of the national ServiceMaster Recovery network, we’ve worked on hundreds of disaster restoration jobs and no two are the same. This extensive experience means we’re prepared for whatever disaster scenario you’re facing. Between our training and experience, we are able to determine different types of damage or soiling your clothing and textiles have experienced and determine the best way to restore them to their pre-loss conditions. We also understand that different types of textiles require different cleaning techniques. Each one of your belongings will be treated with care and professionalism.

Common tasks include:

  • Removing stains after water damage.
  • Ridding material of damaging soot.
  • Deodorizing clothes that suffered smoke damage.

When a house fire or burst pipe interrupts your day-to-day life, leave the laundry to us. From pick-up and delivery, to drapery cleaning, and everything in-between, you can count on our dry cleaning services.

Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for dry cleaning, textile restoration, and laundry services in Chicago, IL. You can reach our office 24/7/365 by calling 773-770-4512.


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