Reclaiming an Overtaken Home with Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Lake Zurich, IL


For some Lake Zurich, IL, homeowners, home cleaning can feel like the biggest pain in the world. Whether it’s doing the dishes, dusting, or simple tidying, even the smallest task can feel insurmountable. For the home of a hoarder, that feeling can be multiplied exponentially. ServiceMaster DSI knows that overcoming a hoarding home can be a wildly difficult task, but our home cleaning professionals are trained and ready to help you and your loved ones escape the confines of an overwhelming living space.


A hoarding home is one that comes with many risk factors. Beyond the physical risks of an overly crowded space, the very nature of hoarding cleanup may mean interacting with items that have not been cleaned or sterilized in a significant amount of time. Mold, contaminated materials, and more may mean exposure to infection or other health risks. Any individual regularly interacting with these risk factors could themselves be in danger of health complications such as breathing problems, severe allergies, and beyond.


Even without considering the health risks in question, hoarding cleanup is a type of home cleaning that requires a very gentle and steady approach. The inhabitants of a hoarder home often express a high level of attachment to their current surroundings, which can make the hoarding cleanup process highly traumatic if improperly handled. Whereas other types of extreme home cleanup can be accomplished purely through force, hoarding cleanup usually requires specialized techniques and trained cleaning experts.


Because of these complications, hoarding cleanup is a task best tackled by trained home cleaning professionals. Having supplies such as gloves, special cleaning materials, and masks is a good start, but professionals will also have a deeper understanding of the psychological impact that comprehensive home cleaning can have. The removal of debris and clutter is important, but the mental state of all inhabitants and associates must come far before the home cleaning itself.


If you or a loved one needs a hoarding cleanup rescue in Lake Zurich, IL, contact the home cleaning professionals here at ServiceMaster DSI. We not only care about the cleanup, we also care about you. Call us at (847) 852-7106 or visit our website here for additional details today and start to de-clutter your life today.

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