Reclaim Your Home and Your Life with Hoarding Cleanup in Chicago, IL

Recognizing hoarding tendencies may seem much simpler than taking the actual steps required to get the help needed. In some cases, realizing that hoarding has become a problem is a struggle unto itself. As soon as you or your Chicago, IL, loved one has identified risky hoarding behavior, it’s time to take action. The hoarding cleanup crew with ServiceMaster DSI is waiting for your call.


Our hoarding cleanup team puts safety above all else during our visits. Removing items that pose a physical risk to the inhabitants of the home is an essential part of the process, as well as removing potential fall risks and obstacles to exits. We carefully remove and clean all hazardous materials quickly and effectively, ensuring a safe environment for all inhabitants.


We also understand that hoarding tendencies are closely tied to feelings of comfort and can be deeply personal. Our hoarding cleanup process is centered around maintaining privacy for all involved. Our workers are professional and highly trained to be thoughtful, compassionate, and discreet. We want everyone involved to feel supported and able to find a sense of ease throughout the entire hoarding cleanup process.


Restoring a feeling of control and empowerment to the residents is taken very seriously during the hoarding cleanup experience. Along with cleaning and organizing the space itself, we also assist with the redistribution of property. This can include facilitating donations, arranging mail to family members, and otherwise placing items into safe hands. We understand the value of sharing personal belongings and can help with every step of the redistribution process.


By removing hazards, creating a safe environment, and restoring a hygienic and balanced home environment, our hoarding cleanup team strives to make every hoarding house feel like home again. Chicago, IL, residents struggling with hoarding tendencies can contact ServiceMaster DSI for assistance at (773) 770-4512 today or by visiting our website here.

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