Preventing Dangerous Mold Growth after a Water Disaster in Chicago, IL


After a water disaster in your Chicago, IL, home, it can feel like a struggle to reclaim your life. You’re likely considering what needs to be replaced, what is lost for good, and how to move on. And, unfortunately, water damage isn’t often a one-and-done situation. There’s always a chance that your home could be susceptible to one of the many side effects of a water disaster, including mold growth. Our ServiceMaster DSI water damage experts warn all homeowners impacted by water damage to watch out for mold in the ensuing months, and to call for help before it begins to spread throughout your home.


Mold is a familiar word in most households that experience any amount of moisture throughout the year, but more often than not, it’s a simple nuisance instead of anything dire. However, after a major water disaster, the chances of dangerous mold growth increase dramatically thanks to the sheer number of surfaces affected. More water in more hard-to-reach places can mean more mold in general, but it can also mean that mold could be growing in large quantities before you even realize it.


Because of the naturally porous nature of many home constructions, there are countless places where water can sink in and really make itself comfortable. After a water disaster, preventing mold growth means consulting a professional. If untreated, mold can trigger allergies, cause breathing problems, and in extreme cases, lead to illness or even death.


If the water disaster occurred in a cool month, there’s a chance that the mold won’t really flourish until the warm, humid months return, but that doesn’t mean the risk isn’t there. If a water disaster occurred in your home at all, it’s very important to be vigilant. Watch for mold growth in all the impacted areas and make plans to remove it as soon as you spot it. If a water disaster has occurred in your Chicago, IL, home, call ServiceMaster DSI at (773) 770-4512 or fill out a service request form for additional details on mold growth and water damage restoration today.

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