Do Not Sweat After a Fire- Find Relief with Fire Damage Restoration Services in Alsip, IL


Fire is often used for comfort, warmth, or as a means of entertainment. Unfortunately, as temperatures drop and families begin using fireplaces or furnaces, this increases the risk for household fires. According to the Star Tribune, winter is the biggest season for a high number of housefires related to indoor heating devices. A fire can take a devastating toll on a family that can last a lifetime. With ServiceMaster DSI, the damage doesn’t need to be evident for long. ServiceMaster DSI offers smoke damage cleanup, odor removal, and HVAC cleaning for homeowners in Alsip, IL.


  1. After a housefire the smoke damage can be substantial. Ash, char, soot, and smoke are common after a fire and can cause discoloration of walls, ceilings, and floors. ServiceMaster DSI is dedicated to helping clean these areas by removing products that are charred and cleaning walls, floors, and other areas affected by smoke damage.
  2. Fire can leave a disgusting stench of smoke and particulates that may be toxic. A fire damage restoration service has the advanced tools and cleanup products required to eliminate the smell. A HEPA filtration system can be used to clean and remove any dangerous particles from the air to make your home environment safe once again.
  3. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) can be severely affected by a housefire. Smoke and other gaseous products can travel through the HVAC system long after the restoration process, increasing the risk of inhaling toxic elements. ServiceMaster DSI has specially trained personnel to clean the HVAC system during the restoration phase. The HVAC system will be cleaned thoroughly of any debris, and repairs or sealing of damaged HVAC systems can be done through ServiceMaster DSI.


A fire can be toasty warm but can also cause substantial damage. Don’t sweat after a fire; immediately contact ServiceMaster DSI for help in Alsip, IL by calling (708) 389-7280 or visiting us here for the restoration phase of your home after a fire.

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