Effectively Utilizing Pack Out Services to Preserve Your Belongings after a Fire in Downers Grove, IL

Performing a complete home restoration after fire damage can take a lot of work from a lot of skilled professionals, but what happens to your belongings while that work takes place? Our fire damage restoration team at ServiceMaster DSI knows that having a secure place to keep your belongings is essential to the fire damage recovery process, both for the homeowners and for the diligent workers themselves. We offer pack out services to Downers Grove, IL, families in need of a safe and secure storage option while their journey toward recovery begins.


Pack out services are a multi-purpose service after fire damage has occurred. These services not only allow you to have a safe place to store your valuables as the fire damage is being evaluated, but they also allow an open environment for professionals to work in. By utilizing our pack out services, your restoration team is given the space and flexibility it needs to restore your home as efficiently as possible. Rather than working around furniture and family belongings, the team can get right down to business and remove evidence of fire damage completely without impediment.


An added benefit to our pack out services is knowing that your important belongings are safe, secure, and in professional hands. The fire damage restoration process can be frustrating and chaotic. There is already enough to worry about without fretting constantly over the well-being of your family heirlooms. It’s impossible to accurately put a value on feeling secure after a home fire occurs, but offering comfort through safe storage options is an excellent place to start.


After fire damage has occurred in your Downers Grove, IL, home, ServiceMaster DSI would be proud to provide pack out services that give you and your family peace of mind during the recovery process. For information on our pack out services and fire damage storage options, contact our fire damage restoration professionals here today or call at (630) 974-5531.

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