Here’s Why Oriental Rug Cleaning in Naperville, IL, Should Be Left to the Experts

Oriental rugs are a popular addition inside of homes and are sold by a variety of vendors. Hand-woven Oriental rugs are often treasured possessions that represent many hours of time and effort by the weaver.


A wool Oriental rug crafted by hand can easily last centuries if properly taken care of. Still, sometimes disaster strikes, and your treasured rug might sustain damage if your home is extensively flooded or is damaged by a fire.


Some people might write off their Oriental rug if it gets damaged after a disaster. However, there are instances where a professional team can come in and clean and restore your rug to mitigate the damage.


ServiceMaster DSI offers Naperville, IL, Oriental rug cleaning to people who are looking to make their rug look more visually appealing and prolong its life, especially if it has been ripped, burned, torn, made dirty, or otherwise damaged after a disaster.


These types of rugs need to be handled with special care, and a professional rug cleaning team will have the expertise and the knowledge to work with such delicate items.


People who try to clean their Oriental rugs themselves after a disaster run the risk of using the wrong cleaning chemicals or tools that could lead to dye run.


In order to prevent the risk of ruining an Oriental rug, cleaning should be done with special shampoos and soaps, and preferably dried in a centrifuge to ensure the dye stays in place.


ServiceMaster DSI professionals who are experienced at Oriental rug cleaning come equipped with star paddles to remove dirt and dust without having to brush hard. Some people try and steam clean their Oriental rugs, but this can be a big mistake because the heat can damage and burn the fibers in the rug.


Rug cleaning that is carried out in a hasty manner can result in the entire rug shrinking due to excess water. This usually occurs when homeowners try to wash their rug by hand in order to remove dirt and grime, which just makes the rug waterlogged and prone to shrink.


ServiceMaster DSI professional cleaners know how to spin-dry valuable Oriental rugs in a fast manner so any water does not have time to sink into the fabric.


It might be tempting to try and save some money by cleaning your Oriental rug at home. However, this leads to a big risk of irreversible damage because most people do not have the know-how or tools to properly handle a rug.


Instead, if you’re in the Naperville, IL, area and are trying to restore your Oriental rug and mitigate some of the damage, call ServiceMaster DSI so our experienced Oriental rug cleaning teams can work with you to make sure your rug is properly cleaned and taken care of.


Give us a call at (773) 770-4512 to get started!

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