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What Not to Do When It Comes to Water Damage Restoration in Lake Zurich, IL

From natural disasters to plumbing problems, water can damage a home in a number of ways. When water enters the home, it immediately beings to soak into materials such as flooring and walls. Within just a 48-hour time frame, the water can breed mold and mildew which affects the integrity of the home as well […]

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Leave Storm Damage Cleanup in Chicago, IL, to the Experts at ServiceMaster DSI

As spring and summer storms sweep through the area, with wind, rain, lightening and power outages, some homes and business are left with downed trees, branches and other debris scattered over the property and in some cases, damage to the roof or other parts of the property.  When the storm damage cleanup is more than […]

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Start a New Chapter: A Clutter-Free Life With Hoarding Cleanup Services From ServiceMaster DSI in Naperville, IL

  Webster’s dictionary defines hoard as “a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away; a hoard of cash.” While some are known to hoard cash, others are known to hoard things such as food, clothes, books, personal items, collectibles, and animals. Despite the stereotype, hoarders aren’t necessarily terrible people, they just suffer from […]

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Restore the Workplace With Trauma Cleanup in Naperville, IL

As a manager of a business, it’s your job to ensure the workday runs smooth. You’re in charge of day-to-day operations and follow a strict schedule in order for employees to be productive. In the case of industrial work, it’s not uncommon for accidents to occur on the job. As the manager of an industrial […]

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The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL

Depending on the type, location, and source of damage, different strategies are required for disaster restoration.   ServiceMaster DSI prides itself on being able to handle the needs and capabilities of any disaster event, and it’s important for you to choose a company who can ensure the successful restoration of your Chicago, IL property.   […]

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