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Tornado Relief in Branson, MO

Our crews arrived in Branson, MO on March 1st, the day after the devastating tornado hit.  We’re hard at work helping everyone try and put things back to normal. Read about ServiceMaster’s response to the widespread tornado damage throughout the country.

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ServiceMaster DSI in Thailand

Thailand experienced heavy monsoon rains during the second half of 2011 that lead to catastrophic flooding throughout much of the country. Due to the request of many customers ServiceMaster DSI is offering services in Bangkok.  

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Howard Reiss Joins Our Team

ServiceMaster DSI is pleased to announce the acquisition of Reiss Services, Inc. (RSI), and to welcome RSI’s founder, Howard Reiss, to its team. Since 1987, RSI has operated ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Mundelein, IL. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration is currently being integrated with VVV’s ServiceMaster Advantage franchise in Lake Zurich, IL. The acquisition and integration […]

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