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Boarding Up for Better Security in Chicago IL with ServiceMaster DSI

Take a minute to think about where your Chicago home might be exposed due to recent fire or water damage, weather incidents, or vandalism. Where did most of the damage occur? What items of value are nearest to the exposed area? Electronics? Jewelry? Clothing? Closing off the vulnerable parts of your house is easy when […]

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ServiceMaster DSI is in the Details in Chicago

If your Chicago business has recently suffered a fire or flood, your immediate concern is restoring your business to a healthy, fully operative environment. This can feel like an overwhelming task when you’re facing insurance claims, injury reports, and damage costs, not to mention dealing with the emotional concerns of your employees. With ServiceMaster DSI […]

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How to Spot a Tornado near Chicago, IL | Tips from ServiceMaster DSI

When you think of tornadoes, what usually comes to mind? For many, their experience includes scenes portrayed in various Hollywood films. But flying cows and witches riding brooms? While entertaining, these don’t even come close to the realities of experiencing such phenomenon. Tornadoes are inherently brutal (and rather terrifying)! While not completely understood, tornadoes are […]

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Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration after Floods in Chicago, IL

Chicago is known as the “windy city,” but sometimes it feels like it should be called the “city of flooded basements.” Over the past few years, there has been an increase of flooding in the Chicago area, and that’s worth paying attention to. As floods rise, so do water-related emergencies. Burst pipes, sump pump failures, […]

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ServiceMaster DSI: The Solution to Water and Mold Damage in Chicago, IL

It may seem like an endless cycle: every year, summer brings rain and humid air. Excessive water builds up in your business’ drains, pipes, and walls. Something bursts or clogs or crumbles, and you only notice when the problem becomes visible. You may try to come up with a quick solution, but before you know […]

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Commercial Restoration and Disaster Recovery Project Management in Chicago, IL

Disasters such as tornadoes, floods and fires all have the ability to interrupt and harm your business. The name “disaster” is quite fitting, as such phenomenon can cause all kinds of damage, trauma, stress, and of course, chaos. That’s why ServiceMaster DSI of Chicago is proud to be a part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management […]

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ServiceMaster DSI Provides Fire Damage Restoration for the Obvious and Not So Obvious Damages to Your Chicago, IL Home

Outdoor cooking, bonfires, fire pits, fireworks—if it’s flammable, it’s in high demand right now. But you may be feeling cautious about diving full force into summer festivities if your Chicago house has recently suffered fire damage. With our thorough fire damage restoration for both the obvious destruction and the damages that are harder to spot, […]

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