Severe Water Damage in Your Lake Zurich, IL, Home and How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

Home flooding is more than a little inconvenient water; flooding is heavy pressure exerted on your home’s foundation, staining on your floors and walls, and choosing which of your family heirlooms are worth salvaging. And for Lake Zurich, IL, homes with carpet, flooding can be what causes future health problems, unexpected ongoing expenses, and a world of stress. Our carpet cleaning experts here at ServiceMaster DSI know that flooding can be a nightmare for carpeted homes, and we’re prepared to help your recovery begin today with our professional carpet cleaning services.


Water’s ability to get everywhere and soak into just about everything can be murder on a home with or without carpets. But when carpets are involved, the problems tend to multiply. Water is a carrier of just about everything from bugs and germs to sand and soot. Once the water has been removed, your carpets are still going to be dealing with the aftermath for a long while without professional carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services.


The first step in most carpet restoration cases is to completely dry the impacted area. This sounds simple enough, but thanks to the many layers that make up carpet, it’s much easier said than done. Without some professional assistance, the drying process can be painfully long and frustrating. Relying on carpet restoration and expert carpet cleaning teams to get your recovery process started is the fastest and safest way to ensure that your home is being treated properly. In time-sensitive cases like flooding restoration, a slow recovery is just as hazardous as no recovery at all.


If you leave a flooded carpet untreated, your home can suffer from side effects such as mold growth, distasteful smells, and unseen floor and carpet damage. Each of these side effects may also be paired with potential health consequences if left unattended. For example, severe flooding can lead to significant spore exposure and mold growth in relatively short periods of time. Unlike some common molds, mold that is a byproduct of flooding tends to be fast growing and aggressive. If your carpet is left soggy or is not treated by carpet restoration professionals, the problem may spread and worsen in a matter of days.


If your Lake Zurich, IL, home has been impacted by flooding or water damage, contact our  professional carpet cleaning and carpet restoration technicians here at ServiceMaster DSI for information on how to start your recovery today. Call (847) 852-7106 or visit our website for more information.

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