When Hoarding Cleanup Is Needed in the Lake Zurich, IL, Area, ServiceMaster DSI Is Only a Phone Call Away

Is a stack of magazines, junk mail, and newspapers considered hoarding? Or do you envision the definition of hoarding more of a floor-to-ceiling scenario with every space filled with debris and garbage? Hoarding comes in different degrees and typically requires assistance with hoarding cleanup at some point in time. In Lake Zurich, IL, that hoarding cleanup assistance can come from ServiceMaster DSI.


There are many different kinds of hoarders.


  • Packer or Prepper. We all know these sorts of individuals or maybe you are one yourself. This category of hoarding involves many people and consists of those who stockpile all sorts of items such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other nonperishable items. Their reasoning is to always be prepared in the event of a flood or other natural disaster.
  • Selective Hoarder. The selective class of hoarding is more defined in its category of items. These types of hoarders feel as though they’re “collectors” because they hold on to every little souvenir they’ve received—every magazine, newspaper, and card, and maybe even clothes that they will someday fit into or that currently mean something to them.
  • Classic Hoarder. The classic hoarder is someone who cannot let go of anything, and if asked or forced to do so, becomes very upset and defiant. Classic hoarders typically suffer from a mental or psychological disorder, and cannot let go of anything, leading to large piles of junk, garbage, food, animals, and debris.


Working with a hoarder or trying to help one can be difficult and requires sensitivity. Be certain to address the hoarding issue in a compassionate way and be prepared for frustration and anger from the hoarder. Acknowledge that you understand the hoarder’s items and space are important and valuable to him or her. In addition to listening to hoarders, ask them to consider enlisting the help of an outside hoarding cleanup service. Never try to remove items without the hoarder’s permission and don’t expect cleanup to happen overnight.


At ServiceMaster DSI in Lake Zurich, IL, we understand the anger, frustration, and sensitivity that a hoarder has and that’s why we work closely with the hoarder and his or her family to ensure the cleanup is done properly and within the hoarder’s timeframe. Our services are confidential, so there is never a need to worry that other family members, friends, or neighbors will know about the hoarding situation or that the hoarder will be embarrassed. Our staff is knowledgeable and has the proper training to assist in the house hoarding cleanup process. Contact ServiceMaster DSI in Lake Zurich, IL, today by calling (847) 852-7106 or using our contact form. When hoarding cleanup help is needed, we’re just a phone call away.

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