The Mental Load of Hoarding Cleanup in Downers Grove, IL

Large-scale cleaning can be stressful even if you aren’t an individual struggling with hoarding tendencies. The sheer amount of work that goes into effective large-scale cleaning can take a major physical and mental toll on every member of your Downers Grove, IL household. With professional hoarding cleanup assistance with ServiceMaster DSI, you can get the support you and your family need to help organize your personal space in a healthy, comprehensive way.


Hoarding is more than simply collecting items; it involves a dependency on consistency in one’s home. If that consistency is disrupted, it can be extremely stressful or traumatic. Large-scale cleaning, when done properly, addresses these stressors with compassion and a delicate touch. Rather than upheaving the lives of those involved, it’s about restoring a sense of comfort, safety, and normalcy in the home.


Understanding that hoarding cleanup involves navigating emotional attachment to one’s items is vital in the large-scale cleanup process. Our professional cleaners understand that the items in question often have an intrinsic value to the household and thus will be treated respectfully.


Safety and health are also to be considered in a hoarding household. When hoarding tendencies become overwhelming, bacteria, mold, dust, and pests can all become an issue. Without meticulous cleaning, a large collection of belongings can significantly and negatively impact the health of all members residing in the affected space.


Large-scale cleaning, when done right, takes all of these factors into account. The emotional impact is considered right alongside the necessary health considerations. Hoarding cleanup doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience if you have the right help on your side. Compassion, professionalism, and comprehensive, methodical cleaning are all part of the hoarding cleanup experience.


If you or a loved one in Downers Grove, IL have been impacted by hoarding and require large-scale cleaning services, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI today for information on hoarding cleanup. Call us at (630) 974-5531 or fill out a service request form for more details!


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