Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help for Chicago, IL, Residents in Need of Expert Assistance

At a single glance, most people wouldn’t be able to identify an individual whose life is impacted by hoarding tendencies. The motivation behind hoarding behavior can vary significantly. It may relate to anxiety, feelings of loss, depression, impulse control, and beyond. People with hoarding tendencies exist everywhere across the U.S., and without assistance they can find themselves drowning in hazardous and stifling living situations. The hoarding cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI are proud to offer comprehensive and compassionate hoarding cleanup help to any Chicago, IL, resident in need.


Hoarding is a prevalent and under-discussed condition that impacts millions of individuals across the United States, and it doesn’t affect a single demographic. Signs of hoarding tendencies can begin to manifest at as young as 11 and tend to grow more intense with age. These tendencies may evolve over time or become hyper-fixated on a certain type of item or animal. Hoarder homes don’t happen overnight, and once a cluttered home reaches a certain point, it can slowly become more and more dangerous to inhabit. Because of this, requesting hoarding cleanup help is an essential step in the hoarder home recovery process.


Hoarding cleanup help requires professional intervention for many reasons including, but not limited to the fact that the root causes of hoarding are extremely complex. Simply going into a hoarder home and clearing it out can cause significant emotional distress and may even worsen symptoms in reaction. Plus, depending upon the type of hoarder home in question, there may also be animals in need of care and environmental dangers to consider such as spoiled food, molds, or physical risks. Each of these reasons alone expresses that professional intervention is essential to the hoarder home recovery process.


Because of the delicate nature of hoarding, employing brute force is rarely an effective measure. Hoarding cleanup helpers are trained to be thoughtful, strategic, and safety conscious throughout every step of the hoarder home recovery experience. You or your loved ones will be treated respectfully and the belongings in question will be evaluated for safety. The wellbeing of everyone involved is considered the top priority of every expert in our employ.


If you’ve found yourself in a hoarder home or are looking for hoarding cleanup help for someone you care about, contact ServiceMaster DSI for information on our cleanup services. Chicago, IL, residents can call at (773) 770-4512 or visit our website.

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