For Disasters Large and Small, ServiceMaster DSI Has Your Back After Flood Damage in Downers Grove, IL

Picking up the pieces after a natural disaster like a flood can be emotionally taxing and difficult. Many people wonder who they can turn to after their home or business has suffered flood damage in Downers Grove, IL.

ServiceMaster DSI, through its ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) program, is always ready to respond to disasters big and small. Through our national SRM network we’ve responded to the worst hurricanes, and we have the training and experience to handle any flood damage your house may suffer – guaranteed.

Residents in Downers Grove and across the country receive swift response times to any call due to the robust nature of SRM. We’re able to rely on large amounts of funding and hundreds of first responder locations in different parts of the United States to ensure a rapid response.

Our expertise includes water extraction, temporary board-up of exposed structures, decontamination and cleaning of hazardous areas, and swift removal of standing water to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Our team can also install emergency power and lighting in damaged areas to ensure cleanup can be completed as fast as possible.

Once the water damage restoration process gets underway, our technicians are ready to collaborate with insurance companies and other experts to help property owners receive the compensation they deserve and plan the restoration process.

If there are any items left inside a property that survived a disaster, we can work to professionally restore them to as close as possible to their pre-loss condition.

While electronics like laptops or hard drives might be damaged beyond repair by water or fire, our ServiceMaster DSI technicians will do their best to recover as many files and photos as possible from devices.

We’ve handled a wide variety of damage, have a proven track record of coordinating the cleanup process after disasters, and then aiding with the reconstructive and restoration process after the disaster scene has been deemed safe.

Give ServiceMaster DSI a call at (630) 974-5531 for superior flood damage restoration results in and around the Downers Grove, IL area. Our well-equipped experts are ready to respond 24/7/365 to provide compassionate and professional service, no matter the disaster you face.

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