Make Fire Damage Repair Part of Your Disaster Planning in Alsip, IL

The aftereffects of a large fire can be devastating for you and your property. Hurricanes, large storms, tornadoes, or other big disasters can spark flames that can quickly damage or even destroy a home or commercial property. Proper preparation for fire damage repair can mean less pain and expense down the road.


September is National Preparedness Month, so ServiceMaster DSI in Alsip, IL reminds you to plan before it’s too late! Property owners should take the time to make sure they know what to do in the aftermath of a fire. Fire damage repair and cleanup is one important aspect to get your home back on track.


Disaster specialists at ServiceMaster DSI have extensive experience through our ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) network, which responds to the largest natural disasters in our country. We’re absolute professionals at fire damage repair.


Natural disasters can cause fires by damaging electrical transformers, power lines, and building infrastructure. Flames might not be able to be extinguished if emergency services aren’t able to travel during periods of hail, high wind, or flooding that blocks streets and roadways.


Homes or businesses damaged by fire can have many types of destruction. Aside from structural damage due to the flames, smoke quickly gets into furniture, carpets, and fabrics. Water poured onto a property to put out a fire often leads to additional damage.


Fire damage repair is best carried out by trained and experienced technicians. ServiceMaster DSI is prepared and ready to respond and repair damage due to fires after disaster scenarios. Upon heading out to damaged property, the ServiceMaster DSI team carries out a careful assessment of the damage to create a plan of action. Relying on classroom and on-the-job restoration training, team members search for hidden damage like warped flooring due to water.


Next, restoration team members take care to cordon off any unsafe areas with temporary barriers or signs. Foundations and structures can weaken after a fire, posing a significant safety risk to civilians who are in the area.


We understand fire damage expenses can add up. During the entire repair process, our team is happy to work with insurance carriers to make sure our clients collect the full compensation they are entitled to receive.


Are you looking for professional and fast fire damage repair in Alsip, IL? ServiceMaster DSI understands the urgency of the fire damage restoration process and will respond quickly after an initial call for service. Team members are on-call 24/7/365 to service and provide peace of mind by carrying out effective repairs after a devastating fire. Give us a call during emergencies at (773) 770-4512.

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