Common Signs of a Hoarding Situation and Where to Find Hoarding Cleanup in Chicago, IL

The term “hoarder” is used to describe an individual who takes on an abundance of stuff and struggles with parting with any of it. There are hoarders who gather clothing and small items in their home, while others may hoard trash or pets. A hoarding situation can easily get out of hand when the individual continues to pile up items in the home. Over time, depending on the type of hoarding, the home can become a fire hazard as well as a health issue. Have you suspected a family member has taken on hoarding tendencies? Learning more about common signs of hoarding can help you to know when hoarding cleanup in Chicago, IL is needed.

Avoiding Visitors

Has your family member or friend stopped taking visitors into their home over the years? If your loved one doesn’t allow anyone into their home and has stopped accepting visitors, it could be a sign of a hoarding situation. Most hoarders know what family members will think of their situation, and they do not want to let go of their belongings. They tend to stop having visitors, so they can go about gathering items without anyone trying to stop their behavior.

Visible Hoarding

The most common sign of hoarding is actually being able to see the person in action. Have you seen rooms in their home continue to be piled higher with items? Does your family member have an abundance of animals in the home? If pets have taken over and the home has become a health hazard, it’s a clear sign of hoarding behavior. Having ServiceMaster DSI, expert hoarding cleanup team, help with the property can ensure the Chicago, IL home is livable once again.

Anxiety Over Possessions

If you’ve asked a family member about getting rid of their clutter and it causes anxiety, this is a clear sign of hoarding. The hoarder will experience an anxious feeling when confronted with getting rid of any of their items.

Find Professional Hoarder Cleanup Today

Overall, a person who has hoarding tendencies needs professional care and assistance. The root of the hoarding problem must be discovered in order to ensure a successful solution is found to the behavior. With the help of our hoarding cleanup experts, the Chicago, IL affected home will be cleaned up with the homeowner treated for their hoarding situation. Give us a call today to learn more at (773) 770-4512 or fill out a service request form.

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