Compulsive Hoarding Can Be Difficult and Embarrassing. Rely on the Experts in Alsip, IL, for Hoarding Cleanup Services

Have you ever sat in your home and looked around? Do you notice piles of clutter, magazines, or mail, or see only a small path to walk from room to room? If your home has gone from untidy to out of control, it’s time to consider hoarder house cleanup. ServiceMaster DSI in Alsip, IL, offers hoarding cleanup services and support to you or your loved ones.


Compulsive hoarding typically starts out small and then manifests into a more serious problem. Hoarding has grown over the years, with research showing that nearly 15 million people in the United States suffer from hoarding tendencies.


Signs of a hoarding disorder are as follows:


  1. Your collection of items has grown tremendously over the years and room or space to store these items has become limited.
  2. When you have difficulties throwing things away such as mail, garbage, or clothes and find yourself moving things from place to place instead of getting rid of them.
  3. Panicking or becoming angry when someone asks you to dispose of something or you cannot find an item.
  4. Lack of organizing your home because of the large amount of clutter and garbage.
  5. Being sentimentally attached to certain items and not being able to let go of them or thinking you’ll “need” these items some day and stockpile items for that reason.
  6. Your home is attracting infestations of insects and rodents due to the excessive mess.
  7. Being embarrassed with the looks and condition of your home or distancing yourself from family and friends because of what you think they’ll say about your home.


If you or someone you love has the signs of a hoarding disorder, take action. Reach out to them and offer support, don’t be judgmental, and call on a professional hoarding cleanup service to assist in the steps of cleanup.


At ServiceMaster DSI, we understand how difficult and disconcerting it can be when your home is no longer safe, the clutter has blocked access to the stove, refrigerator, or an entrance, and it has become a health hazard. That’s why we’re here to assist in cleaning up a hoarder house while offering support to you and your loved ones. There are no judgments; only the privacy and support you deserve.


Contact us today by calling (773) 770-4512 or visiting ServiceMaster DSI in Alsip, IL. Compulsive hoarding can be difficult and embarrassing. Rely on the trained, experienced, and caring experts at ServiceMaster DSI for discreet and comprehensive hoarding cleanup services.

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