Electronic Equipment Restoration in Chicago, IL

When your home or business experiences flooding, you have to worry about more than just water damage to the structure of the building; you also have to worry about the precious items inside the building. Electronics are expensive to replace and require a professional to restore them correctly. ServiceMaster DSI in Chicago is here as your go-to professional service for electronic equipment restoration.

Excess water and flooding can cause devastating damage. Whether it’s because of a storm, burst pipe, or faulty hose or valve, the damage can be overwhelming, especially  as our homes and businesses are increasingly technology dependent.

The damage to your electronics can be visible with stains and exterior discoloration…even mold! YUCK! But where there is visible damage, it is also highly likely that there is internal and invisible damage.

Running water-logged electronics before they are properly cleaned, serviced, and sanitized could seriously damage the integrity of the equipment, and possibly electrocute you!

Our ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) team is professionally trained to safely restore all electronic appliances. Not only do we hand-clean the exterior, we also know how to properly ground the equipment to prevent electric shock.

Here are some of the most common electronic items we clean and restore:

 Home and Business Electronic Items

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • TVs
  • Tablets
  • Sound systems
  • Radios
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Vacuum cleaners

 Protection of Irreplaceable Items Stored Electronically

  • Family photos
  • Music libraries
  • Financial documents
  • Important files

Not only do we clean and restore water-damaged appliances, we also provide emergency packing, moving, and storage services to help you care for your valuable items. Our storage facilities are safe, climate-controlled, and easily-accessible so your items are treated with professional confidentiality and respect.

If your Chicago home or business has recently experienced flooding or other severe water damage, ask us about our timely cleaning, dehumidification, and electronics restoration disaster services. We will work hard to ensure your most precious valuables are restored to their pre-loss condition. Contact ServiceMaster DSI today by calling us at 773-282-1110. To inquire about other non-emergency services, email us at info@smdsi.com.


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