How Disasters Affect Carpets and How Carpet Cleaning in Champaign, IL, can Save Them

It may sound cliché to say that disaster can strike at any time, but until you’re affected by loss due to a fire, floods, or natural disasters you probably don’t realize how true the statement really is. In Champaign, IL, we respond 24/7/365 to large and small businesses that have taken a hit from disaster and help them to restore. One of the services that we’re often called to help with is restoring carpeting with our professional carpet cleaning techniques.


Carpeting is one of the costlier items in business, and our job is to do everything we can to help restore it. As with any disaster, the faster the restoration begins, the more likely we can salvage the carpeting with drying services and carpet cleaning.


Smoke Damage

Each tiny molecule of smoke has a sticky tar base that clings to every surface, especially on the easy to grab fibers of carpeting. That small particle, if not removed correctly with the right carpet cleaning service, will continue to smell and do more damage to your carpeting.


Water Damage

Once water gets in, it goes to work on your carpeting breaking down the fibers, the padding, glue, and tacks that hold it down. In most cases where water is present, within a matter of hours, mold is also going to be present. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians understand how quickly carpeting can be ruined by water damage and will work to restore your carpet to pre-loss condition.

ServiceMaster DSI works for you in Champaign, IL, to help you with any disaster that has affected your carpeting. We can be on site quickly to begin the carpet cleaning and restoration process.


We man our phones day and night for emergencies, so call us anytime at (217) 619-0312, or fill out a service request form online, and we’ll be able to help your business.

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