Leave the Devastating Cleanup after a Crime Scene or Death to ServiceMaster DSI with Trauma Cleanup Services in Aurora, IL

When your quiet town or neighborhood is disrupted with trauma such as a suicide, homicide, or unattended death, you may find yourself in need of services to not only help deal with the emotional aspects of the event, but the cleanup as well. Trauma cleanup services in the Aurora, IL, area can be found through ServiceMaster DSI.


Dealing with trauma or an unattended death can leave you devastated and not really knowing what the next step is in the healing and cleanup process. A professional trauma cleanup team can give you the assistance and understanding needed to work through this difficult time.


Incidents such as suicide, homicide, unattended deaths, blood spills, and accidents are all considered trauma, and most, if not all, require professional cleanup. Body fluids and other biological waste can be dangerous health hazards, and that’s why it is important for proper cleanup and disposal.


The benefits of hiring a professional trauma cleanup service are many:

  1. Emotional support. When a loved one is lost due to suicide, homicide, or an unattended death, the mental trauma left on the family can be devastating. A professional trauma cleanup service is available to do the cleanup and prevent any mental trauma loved ones would face if they cleaned the area or property themselves.
  2. Privacy protection. A trauma cleanup service is professionally trained to help retain the privacy of the family left behind.  Media, neighbors, and inquisitive friends will not obtain any personal and private information from ServiceMaster DSI.
  3. Evidence preservation. If the event is considered a crime scene, a trauma scene cleanup service is trained to handle any evidence such as fingerprints or proof of who might have committed the crime.
  4. Blood cleanup. Blood spills can lead to dangerous health hazards and need to be disposed of properly followed by appropriate blood cleanup quickly and efficiently. Trauma cleanup services help to ensure no blood or bacteria is left behind.
  5. Time and money savings. While cleaning up a bit of blood may seem like a small and simple task, in reality, it really isn’t. Hiring a professional trauma and biohazard cleanup service will save you time and money and allow you and your family to focus on healing from the traumatic event.


If you find yourself in need of trauma cleanup services in the Aurora, IL, area, don’t hesitate to seek quick and efficient assistance in the cleanup process by contacting ServiceMaster DSI. Our trained and highly knowledgeable staff stands ready to help you with any crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal that you may need. Contact us today by calling (770) 452-2231 or searching ServiceMaster DSI. Leave the devastating cleanup after a crime scene or death to us with trauma cleanup services from ServiceMaster DSI.

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