Picking up the Pieces After a Traumatic Event or Crime Scene with Trauma Cleanup Services in Downers Grove, IL

Chlorine bleach is a strong chemical that has multiple uses to clean and disinfect. However, when an accident, death, or crime happens at your home or place of business, it takes a bit more both physically and emotionally to clean and disinfect, remove blood stains, and wipe away the devastation and memories left behind. When you need to pick up the pieces of life and put them back together again after a traumatic event or crime, trauma cleanup services are available in Downers Grove, IL through ServiceMaster DSI.


A simple cleanup with household cleaners and a mop and bucket is not enough when it comes to trauma cleaning. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting is necessary to make the trauma or crime scene safe again. The benefits of professional trauma cleanup services include:


  1. Proper cleanup. Blood and bodily fluids can contaminate the trauma or crime scene area with dangerous pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis. Proper cleanup and removal of biohazards is of the utmost importance in making the area safe again.
  2. Peace of mind. You’ve just been hit with a huge emotional and stressful experience, which may leave you wondering how you’ll ever be able to cleanup and get your life back together again. Hiring a professional trauma cleanup service will take this burden off you and your loved ones so you can focus on picking up the pieces of life.
  3. Coordinate time of cleanup. Entering a crime scene too soon for cleanup can be dangerous, inappropriate, and illegal. A professional trauma cleanup team works directly with law enforcement and will wait until official permission is given before entering the scene to begin crime scene cleanup and trauma cleanup.
  4. Commitment to safety. Materials used during the crime or investigation may be left behind, such as tear gas or fingerprint dust. This, combined with blood and bodily fluids, can be a threat to the health of anyone entering the premises. A professional trauma cleanup service has the required clothing and gear to wear as well as the proper cleaning products and equipment to safely and thoroughly clean the affected area.


If you’re faced with a crime scene or traumatic event at your home or business and need trauma cleanup services in Downers Grove, IL, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (630) 974-5531, filling out a service request form or by visiting our website. We know the dangers of blood and bodily fluid cleanup, and we also know how devastating this can be to you and your loved ones. That’s why we handle all trauma cleanup cases with discretion and sensitivity and stand ready to keep you from the dangers of the cleanup process so you can work with your family to

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