Leave the Trauma or Crime Scene Cleanup to ServiceMaster DSI in Chicago, Illinois

Cleaning up a trauma or crime scene can be devastating and no simple task. You may ask if it’s necessary to hire a professional trauma cleanup service when you think you can clean up the aftermath on your own. The question is best answered with the simple phrase “call a professional trauma cleanup service and never attempt cleanup yourself.” In Chicago, Illinois, contact ServiceMaster DSI immediately for professional, thorough, and discrete trauma or crime scene cleanup services.


If you’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of needing trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, or biohazard cleanup, take a moment to realize that there is no upside to attempting the cleanup yourself. The benefits of hiring trauma cleaning services are many:


  • In order to clean up after such an event, training and certification are necessary to work with blood, bodily fluids, and biohazardous waste.
  • Protective equipment. Proper protective equipment is needed and required by law to safeguard against blood borne pathogens and other hazardous materials.
  • Removing, storing, and disposing of biohazard waste requires a method, and federal guidelines are to be followed for proper cleanup and disposal.
  • Health and safety of family. If you and your family have been the victims of a crime scene, the most important concern is the health and safety of your family. Hiring professional crime scene cleanup helps to keep you safe, healthy, and relieves you of the burden of cleanup and reliving the moment of the crime.
  • Effective and discrete cleanup. We know about those nosy neighbors and friends. Hiring a professional trauma cleanup service will effectively and discretely handle the crime or trauma scene cleanup.
  • Evidence remains. When law enforcement investigates a scene, fingerprinting and collection of evidence typically leaves behind chemical residues requiring cleanup. It also leaves behind reminders of the event. A professional trauma cleanup service works quickly, efficiently, and effectively so you can move on from the traumatic experience.


Cleanup after a crime scene, trauma scene, or biohazard materials requires more than a mop and bucket. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional trauma cleanup service to handle the job for you so you can put the devastating reminders behind you and move on with life.


At ServiceMaster DSI in Chicago, IL, we understand what families go through when tragic events happen, and we stand ready to help you in any way possible. Our trained, professional, and experienced staff have the proper tools and products to clean and restore your home to its normal state so you and your family can feel safe and healthy again. Contact us today by calling (773) 770-4512 or visiting ServiceMaster DSI in Chicago, IL.

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