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Commercial Electronic Equipment Restoration in Chicago

Restoring Specialty Electronics After Water Damage

Following a disaster, ServiceMaster DSI part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) networkcan restore the electronic equipment, operating systems, and computers that are essential to your business. Excess water caused from storms, burst pipes, and faulty hoses and valves can affect more than just your building. Oftentimes, your office electronics can be damaged or corroded, and with more and more businesses depending on technology, this can be devastating.

The electronics in your business are expensive and necessary to help you run things efficiently. Losing them can seriously impact your future business and your business’ finances. Thankfully, the electronic equipment restoration professionals can save your expensive equipment and limit the impact disaster  has on your business. We have the tools, training, and experience to restore a variety of types of electronic equipment from your business, helping you get back to business quickly.

That is why timely cleaning and dehumidification of your building is crucial following water damage. With the proper procedures and equipment, professionals can greatly reduce the loss to your operating systems, computers, utility systems, and any other equipment you have on-site. By removing electronics from the affected area, assessing any harm to that equipment, and then performing any necessary restoration, we can ensure the preservation of these highly sensitive items.

We understand how important your electronics are to running your business successfully, and we take this into account when assessing each item that may have been susceptible to fire and water damage. Our goal is always to get your valuables back to their pre-loss condition, so you can get back to your normal workday.

Choose SRM-ServiceMaster DSI to coordinate your electronic equipment restoration in Chicago and throughout Illinois by calling us at 773-770-4512. For any other non-emergency inquires, please email us at info@smdsi.com.


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