How Carpet Cleaning Helps After Winter Water Damage in Downers Grove, IL

Winter is a tough time to deal with flooding in Downers Grove, IL. Often, homeowners hope to maximize their home cleaning time in the winter months thanks to the extra time spent indoors. Combining the hectic nature of the holidays with the short hours of the day means it’s terribly hard to get anything done, let alone regain your footing when disaster strikes.


ServiceMaster DSI’s carpet cleaning crew knows that needing large scale carpet cleaning is agonizing any time of the year, but if a pipe freezes and bursts in the winter, dealing with soggy carpet seems all the worse in bitterly cold weather. We’re trained and prepared to deal with emergency carpet cleaning or carpet removal, regardless of the weather or time of year.


Winter can already be a major pain for carpets thanks to all the extra sand and salt making its way indoors. These damaging particulates are a frequent visitor in the cool months as they’re used to add traction to icy areas. Once they make contact with your carpets, salt and sand are ground downward until they begin to wear at the fibers. Combine this winter wear with an unexpected water disaster and the need for deep carpet cleaning increases exponentially.


One of the many threats that winter weather poses to your home, freezing and bursting pipes is up there in the big leagues of nightmare home care scenarios. Along with dealing with whatever belongings were caught in the crossfire, you’ll also have to arrange carpet cleaning or carpet removal on short notice if you want to prevent the damage from getting worse.


Though great in many ways, carpet has the unintended consequence of being an excellent environment for mold growth, especially black mold in the carpet. If your home is impacted by water damage but you don’t arrange carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster DSI soon after, the problem may become twofold in no time. Depending upon the severity, some spots may need complete carpet removal to prevent the damage from mold impacting everything beneath the carpet. In warmer seasons, opening your windows might be a temporary solution to help the carpets dry, but during an Illinois winter, it’s best to leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals.


If your Downers Grove, IL carpet has been impacted by a winter water disaster, contact ServiceMaster DSI immediately for information on our comprehensive carpet cleaning options or our carpet removal process in your area. Call ServiceMaster DSI at (773) 770-4512 or fill out a service request form for more details.

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