3 Signs You Need Hoarding Cleanup Services for Your Loved One in Chicago, IL

When it comes to hoarding, time is of the essence. If you have a loved one who’s home is on the verge of becoming a complete disaster in Chicago, IL, working with ServiceMaster DSI can help resolve the problem before the situation gets much worse.

Being close to your loved one, you’re already aware of the growing problem, but you might be unsure if now is the time to act.

Here are some clear-cut signs it’s time to work with a professional for hoarding cleanup services.

Safety Issues

Hoarding isn’t just an issue of cleanliness or an unsightly environment. It can also become a health hazard. If you see any of the following, work with us immediately to solve the problem, because these signs present serious hazards.

  • Rodent problems – An excessive amount of clutter and garbage will inevitably attract rodents. Rodents can carry diseases and their droppings can be harmful if found in areas such as the kitchen, because they can end up being ingested inadvertently.
  • Fire hazards – If the hoarding becomes so excessive that fire escape routes are blocked, the area needs to be cleared. In addition, excess material such as newspapers can make a home extremely flammable if a fire were to occur.
  • Structural problems – Hoarders often create environments where key elements of the home are affected such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and walls. If any area of the home looks susceptible, hoarding cleanup services are necessary

Stress and Suffering

Hoarding can cause stress for both the person suffering from it and their loved ones who attempt to help them manage it.

If you notice the quality of your loved one’s life lowering because of their disorder, an intervention may be necessary. Hoarding is a compulsion, and although your loved one may logically know they have a problem that needs dealing with, the strength of their compulsion will override their thinking.

Fortunately, ServiceMaster DSI provides hoarding cleanup services with the complex emotional issues of people who suffer from hoarding in mind. We’ll complete the project discretely with sensitivity, respect, and care.

Time to Act

Hoarding cleanup services should be performed at the earliest signs of a major problem occurring. The first two signs present the direr situations, but in all honesty, something should be done as soon as possible regardless of how long the hoarding has occurred.

We’ve been helping Chicago, IL, residents get a fresh start with hoarding cleanup services. Our services, along with therapy and other treatments, can truly give your loved one a chance to live a fulfilled and functional life.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (773) 7730-4512.

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