3 Emotions You’ll Feel When Helping Your Loved One With Hoarding Cleanup for Their Chicago, IL, Home (and How to Deal With Them)

Do you have a loved one who hoards items in their Chicago, IL, home?


Hoarding cleanup on its own can be a trying process. Depending on the level of hoarding, the sheer effort required to restore the home can be daunting, if not seemingly impossible.


Maybe you’ve tried to keep up with your loved one and visit the home to help clean.


Throughout this process, you’ve likely dealt with some tough emotions. We understand the emotions you’re feeling and the needs of your loved one who has a hoarding issue.


When it comes to hoarding cleanup, you should work with a company who deals with people just as well as they deal with the property. In that regard, we’re proud to say we’re one of the best in the Chicago, IL, area.


Today, we’re going to talk about some of the emotions you might be feeling, ways to deal with them, and plans to get you and your loved one’s life back on track with hoarding cleanup.


  • Frustration – No matter what you do to help, it seems like the problem is never ending. You help them clean up a bit, but when you return, the house is back in the same condition. Hoarding cleanup with ServiceMaster DSI will ensure a cleaning so thorough it gives you and your loved one both a real chance to maintain the home.
  • Anxiety – You have your own life to deal with and manage. You likely have a full plate of responsibilities, and on top of it, you have to help your loved one with their hoarding problem. That’s a huge weight for one person to handle. Choosing ServiceMaster DSI to provide hoarding cleanup will remove much of this burden from your life.
  • Guilt – Even though you’re not directly responsible for your loved one’s hoarding problem, you can’t help but feel guilt. You probably make efforts to help them, but with your own busy schedule, you can’t always make time to visit and help maintain the home. Hoarding cleanup from ServiceMaster DSI helps alleviate guilt because you know you put your loved one’s Chicago, IL, home in the hands of caring professionals.


The list above only contains three items, but as we both know, it could be much longer. Working with families in the Chicago, IL, area has taught us that hoarding cleanup is much more than the process of removing excess items from a home. It’s a way to give the home’s resident and the people who support them a chance to start fresh and live a more peaceful life.


If you’re in the need for hoarding cleanup services, please give us a call at (773) 770-4512.

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